Inclement Weather Policy

We will only clear the pool and deck in the event that lightning is seen of thunder is heard. Swimming is prohibited at all outdoor swimming pools during this time. If this occurs, the facility will close for a 20 minute period after the last lightning or thunder is detected. If the facility remains clear for 1 hour, the park will close and a rain date will be declared. Patrons do not need to stay at the facility during this time. Once a rain date is declared, your receipt will serve as your rain check. If you do not have a receipt, you will not receive a rain check, no exceptions. The Joliet Park District is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged receipts. Once a receipt is redeemed, it cannot be reissued for subsequent rain checks. All receipts must be redeemed before the last day of the season in which they are issued. Rain dates will be posted here on the website. NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.

Splash Station reserves the right to close attractions or the entire facility due to low attendance. If attendance does not reach 50 patrons within the first hour of opening the park, Splash Station will close for the day. If at any time during park hours, the total number of patrons drops below 50, the park reserves the right to close attractions or the entire facility for the remainder of the dat. In the event that the facility closes due to low attendance, the rain check policy will apply. NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.

Worried about the Weather?

We are making it easier to plan your trip. For up to date information about weather and park closings, call our automated phone system. Phone: 815-741-7275 Dial 3 for Splash Station Dial 3 again for weather related closings.

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