Refund Policy

Refunds will not be issued for Splash Station Daily Admission Purchases or Season Passes due to closings based on inclement weather or low attendance. According to the Joliet Park District refund policy, refunds will be issued after the first day of the class, program or activity only if:

  1. The District receives written doctor’s excuse accompanied by written request for refund or
  2. The registrant moves from the Joliet Park District boundaries.

Evidence of the move must accompany a written request for the refund. A credit can be issued for other reasons if approved by the program staff. Refunds will be prorated for classes/days attended. Withdrawal from a program/activity is subject to a $5.00 administrative charge. All refund requests must be made in writing and accompanied by a receipt for proof of payment. Credit memos will be issued to participants who do not have a receipt. If Splash Station closes due to inclement weather or low attendance, rain checks will be issued to patrons who are present at the time of closing. Patron must present a receipt in order to receive a rain check. All rain checks expire the last day of the season in which they are issued.

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