Raging Rapids Ravine

Lazy River

Here is your chance to relax and meander along the 850 foot river. But don’t be fooled, the rapids lurk ahead!

Attraction Rules:

  • No walking on the bottom of the Lazy River
  • Each person must either ride in or on top of a tube
  • Riders may no intentionally flip out of their tube
  • Small children may ride on a parent/guardian’s lap in the river. Parents may not walk alongside a child’s tube in the river.
  • Patrons may not exit the Lazy River at the Tube Slide
  • Patrons MUST enter/exit the Lazy River at the zero depth exit or at the stairs just past the bridge
  • If non-swimmers are wearing a lifejacket, they must be within arm’s reach of a parent or guardian at all times
  • All other general rules still apply
  • Pool Management has the authority and responsibility to implement and enforce rules that are more stringent than the ones listed here or elsewhere in the park or online.

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